Data Destruction

In the modern age of computing, data security has become increasingly more concerning with many reported cases of data recovery, identity fraud and leaking to public of patient data.

Unfortunately, in many cases, using software to wipe data can never guarantee permanent deletion and there are many unscrupulous individuals out there who will take the time to extract data with varying endgames in mind.


It is Priority WEEE’s policy to shred all data devices as standard and provide full certification to evidence this. Evidence provided can include data tracking of individual HDD’s such as logging serial numbers and / or asset tags prior to destruction.

Have you thought about the media that data can be stored on?

Below is a list of data devices that we will destroy:

  • Hard drives – Besides HDD’s being contained in the obvious pc’s, laptops and servers, they may also be located in other varying equipment such as networking equipment & firewalls, CCTV storage devices, Freeview boxes, Video Camera’s, televisions, Audio recorders, and many others
  • Flash Cards – Flash cards can be found inside tablets, terminal servers, firewall routers, camera’s, video camera’s, etc
  • Sim Cards – Located in camera’s, mobile phones, tablets, Sat Navs, etc
  • Print Data – Located on fax rolls, etc
  • Tapes/Cassettes/ CD’s Disks/ Other media

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