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Mixed WEEE Recycling

Our all-encompassing industry capabilities allow us to collect and recycle all types of electrical waste ranging from IT equipment through to refrigerants, household items and even commercial machinery of all shapes and sizes. If it uses power, we can help.

IT Recycling

If you have IT equipment that can be re-used, we may be able to offer a free service. This service is subject to a minimum criteria based on the quantity and age of the items you have. All hard drives are physically shredded and the physical materials are placed back on the market for smelting and re-use in manufacturing. These include materials such as steel, Neodymium (Rare Earth metal), copper and others.

IT Asset Management

Our sustainable IT Asset Management System allows equipment that may otherwise go to waste to be re-furbished, re-sold and re-used. This waste preventative measure prolongs the life of equipment whilst at the same time, providing either a cost neutral solution for recycling or an actual revenue stream feeding back to our clients to enable them to put towards new equipment or other assets within the business.

Battery Recycling

Our Battery collection and recycling services encompasses a UK wide solution with an aim to transform the way portable end-of-life batteries are managed. Our guaranteed compliant service can meet any need, from smaller battery collections through to large scale regular pick-ups.

Domestic & Commercial Fridge Recycling

Whether you have household fridges, commercial freezers, laboratory refrigeration equipment or even walk-in chillers, we can assist with the removal and recycling of all types, shapes and sizes. We can professionally plan the removal, hassle-free and provide you with legal and compliant documentation as evidence of disposal.

Product Destruction Services

Our product destruction service covers a wide-range of items that may need to be destroyed. These items could be Faulty returns, recalled products, excess stock, out-dated items or even counterfeit goods. We can assist with specialist destruction services tailor made to your products.

Fluorescent Tube & Lamp Recycling

Our lamp collection and recycling services encompasses a UK wide solution with an aim to maximise recycling where possible. Our guaranteed compliant service offers a range of containers to safely store your bulbs and lamps.

WEEE Containment Facilities

Not every penny fits the slot, and this is why we are able to offer a large variety of containers to suit the customer’s needs. All of our containers are UN approved and we will always provide recommendations or suggestions that will be a perfect fit for your WEEE type and site location.

Fridge & Freezer Decontamination Service

Refrigerated items that are contaminated with clinical, biological or other laboratory chemicals must not be collected as waste unless they have been certified as decontaminated. This applies for fridges that are malodourous or contain heavy mould or food. We offer a flexible decontamination service combined with collection and disposal at competitive rates.

Hard Drive and Data Destruction Services

Human error can be all too prevalent when it comes to simply wiping your data prior to re-selling and it is not secure enough to meet with your GDPR requirements for our liking. Simply put, our policy is that hard drives are destroyed – Period. They are physically shredded and later have the materials recovered.

Our Collection Coverage

Priority WEEE offer Mainland UK collections as high up as Glasgow and Edinburgh. Our collection turnaround on average is 5-7 working days and we are able to give you a specific date for collection.

Leaders in WEEE Recycling

Priority WEEE provide an innovative solution for all your electrical recycling needs. Our team of experienced waste management operatives are second to none in the industry and are on hand to help you achieve your recycling goals. As a leader in our field, we offer a service for the recycling of all types of WEEE from redundant IT equipment through to fluorescent lighting, audio/video, commercial and industrial equipment.

Why use Priority WEEE?

Leaders in the industry, we offer bespoke services to suit your business, from IT recycling services through to data destruction and warranty return management using our knowledge in asset recovery and utilising a huge recycling network.

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As a leading retailer, we have been lucky to find Priority WEEE to look after all of our IT recycling and WEEE Disposals for us. They assisted us from the outset by providing advice on the items that we can recycle and provided a lockable 40 foot enclosed container, marked out and with segregated area’s for our different types of WEEE, enabling to segregate re-useable assets from fridges and scrap WEEE. We are very impressed with their customer services and fast turn-around. They genuine care about our custom.

G. Potters

Priority WEEE have been servicing us for quite some time now and dispose of all of the hospitals electronic waste. They collect our medical equipment and manage our IT assets. We are provided with advice for decontamination and they are always on-hand to assist with last minute collections and advice. Well done guys!

A. Bassingham

We contacted Haz-Stop who quoted us for the decontamination of a locked freezer, disposal of the contents and recycling of the freezer itself. Upon accepting their quote, a booking was arranged for 3 days later at my convenience and 2 operatives attended site. They arrived with all the correct PPE, full body covers and face masks. The whole process took less than one hour and I was provided with all the legal documentation to show the disposal. I was able to access copy paperwork and the invoice from their customer portal. All very efficient and I would strongly recommend them.

E. Bain

As a school facilities group, we have had difficulties in disposing of projector lamps and struggled to find s supplier to dispose of them. Haz-stop were marvellous from my first contact with their sales director, Gary through to pick up’s from their drivers. They provided specialist haz-boxes for our lamps and when they required collecting, exchanges were carried out within 5 working days and sometimes the next day. We continue to use them for other waste streams such as lab smalls and WEEE.

S. Brydon
Priority WEEE Vans