IT Recycling


Subject to minimum criteria: If your IT collections consist of a minimum of 20 complete PC’s or laptops that contain an i5 processors or newer, we are able to offer free collections.

Please complete the ‘REQUEST A FREE REVIEW’ form to submit a list. Alternatively, email or call us to discuss on 0800 078 9580.

Why use Priority WEEE for your IT Recycling?

  • Data destruction as standard (Shredding of data)

  • Security Vetted personnel

  • Relevant licences in place to collect your WEEE

  • 24/7 Access to your historic documentation

  • Fast turn-around from first contact to collection

  • Free Waste assessments

  • Certificate of Data Destruction Included

  • Real time vehicle tracking

  • Free access to customer portal

  • Next day collections subject to location

  • National Service to Mainland UK

  • Itemised Inventory subject to requirements

We pride ourselves with the responses of our knowledgeable and professional customer services team who are on hand at any time to discuss your requirements on the telephone, by chat or by email. Our response is fast and efficient and we are here to help.

IT Recycling & Asset Management
IT Recycling & Asset Management
IT Recycling & Asset Management

Leaders in WEEE Recycling

In the modern day of technology, systems can be made redundant within a very short period of time.

Newer software creations that are vital to everyday business operations may only work efficiently on the latest hardware and the cost of using out of date systems can have a detrimental impact to your business, in effect slowing down your workforce.

The pressure to cut costs to enable a smooth transaction when installing your new equipment can be compounded by spending further time on the disposals.

Desktop, laptop, server and other IT recycling has become an essential part of business whenever upgrades take place. Priority WEEE’ can assist you in your IT recycling and asset management, from small collections to large data centre replacements, we can work with your schedule, and meet all of your expectations whilst ensuring that you are GDPR compliant with all disposals, protecting data and working to a timeline that suits you.

Types of equipment we collect:

  • Desktop PC’s

  • Laptops

  • Tablets

  • Servers

  • PDA’s

  • Printers

  • Scanners

  • Photocopiers

  • Screens/Monitors

  • POS Terminals

  • Telephones

  • Mobile Phones

  • Modems

  • Switches

  • UPS’s

  • Shredders

  • Mail Sorting Machines

  • Franking Machines

  • Cables

  • Keyboards & Mice

  • Terminals

  • Projectors



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Are you able to wipe all the data from our hard drives?

Whilst data wiping is a perfectly acceptable standard in the industry, we go one step further by having all hard drives physically shredded. This ensures that data cannot be recovered due to human error when using software removal devices, therefore eliminating any potential security risks to your data whilst remaining GDPR compliant.

How do I qualify for a free IT collection?

As long as you have at least 20 complete i5 processor specification desktop PC’s or laptops, we are able to collect up to 2 pallets of IT equipment from you for free. This also includes up to 50 loose hard drives and 20 loose data tapes / discs. For each additional pallet space, you would require 15 more complete qualifying units

Is IT waste classified as hazardous?

Yes, if the equipment is classified as a waste stream, rather than an asset, it would automatically be assumed to be hazardous WEEE. As of July 2019, the POPS (Persistent Organic Pollutants) directive in WEEE (Including IT WEEE) has come in to force. This means that unless it can be proven that WEEE does not contain Persistent Organic Pollutants in the plastics, then it has to be assumed to contain it. Other hazardous chemicals found in WEEE can be Lead Phosphor, Mercury, CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbon), PCB’s (Polychlorinated Biphenyl’s) and even asbestos as well as a few other chemicals.

How are you able to recycle our old equipment?

Wherever possible, we will review your equipment and categorise into an asset or a waste stream, This can be done by reviewing photo’s or lists. If an item can be removed as an asset, then we will refurbish and re-use. If not, the equipment is collected for material recovery where the components will be segregated and put back in to re-manufacturing or POPS containing waste will be sent for incineration that produces renewable energy.

How fast can you come to collect?

Our collection availability can range from 24 hours through to 7 days maximum subject to your requirements.

Can you provide containers for regular WEEE collections?

Yes, subject to your requirements, we can offer a wide variety of containers from 60 litre smaller boxes through to large 20 foot lockable containers. We can also arrange a free site audit to determine your requirements if you are unsure.

Would you need us to help remove the items ready for collection?

Our operatives will attend site and collect from your preferred location as long as it is safe to do  so and will not require your assistance. We are unable to climb ladders however, or unsafe stair cases though.

We are on the fifth floor and do not have a lift. Are you still able to collect our waste?

Yes, with meticulous planning and a review of your site, we can make arrangements to still remove the equipment by taking extra safety precautions and sending additional personnel where required.

Can we leave the IT equipment outside ready for collection?

We advise against this, as it may become a security threat, especially if you have data on board the equipment. Furthermore, this may eliminate any asset re-use if adverse weather contaminates the equipment.

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