Lamp & Bulb Recycling

Our complete lamp recycling service is designed to meet the requirements of any size user. Whether you are upgrading your current lamps and need to dispose of your old ones or if you produce lamps on a regular basis, we can help.

We can provide containers for you to place your lamps and bulbs in, in preparation for our collection and recycling service, or we can attend site with our UN approved container, load them and remove them to fit in with your schedule.

We pride ourselves with the responses of our knowledgeable and professional customer services team who are on hand at any time to discuss your requirements on the telephone, by chat or by email. Our response is fast and efficient and we are here to help.

Why use Priority WEEE?

  • Flexible service to work around your needs

  • Collections from anywhere around mainland UK

  • Full traceability

  • Legal Certification Provided

  • Suitable containers provided

  • Real time vehicle tracking

  • Free access to customer portal

  • 24/7 Access to your historic documentation

Fluorescent Tubes
Light Fitting

Lamp types that we collect:

  • Fluorescent Tubes

  • LED Bulbs

  • CFL’s

  • Halogen Bulbs

  • Striplights

  • Tubes

  • Projector Lamps

  • Vehicle Lamps

  • Infra-red

  • Spotlights

  • Broadcast Lighting

  • Street lighting

  • Security lighting

  • Torches



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Do we have to set up a regular collection service with you or can we arrange a one-off collection service?

We will happily come out and do a one-off collection or likewise, if you require either an ongoing regular service, we can arrange that and also work on specific projects with you.

We require a collection, however, it’s from our customer’s site. Do we need to take the lamps back to ours for you to collect?

No, we can collect from almost anywhere in the UK and arrange a collection on your behalf from your customer. This is something we do for many of our customers.

Do I have a legal obligation to recycle my lamps?

Yes, dependant upon the lamp type, you will be governed by the WEEE directives and the Hazardous Waste Directives. This applies for businesses only.

Can you collect loose tubes & bulbs in your vehicle?

Whilst we are able go collect loose tubes from your premises, we would carry UN approved containers to place them in, as it is a legal requirement to safely transport them.  Mis-handled bulbs & tubes can have a consequential negative impact on the environment and health.

How fast can you come to collect?

Our collection availability can range from 24 hours through to 7 days maximum subject to your requirements.

Can you provide containers for regular collections?

Yes, subject to your requirements, we can offer a wide variety of containers from 60 litre smaller bulb boxes or coffin boxes for fluorescent tubes.

Can we store bulbs outside?

Yes, as long as you place them in to UN approved containers, that we can provide.

Priority WEEE Vans