Product Destruction

When looking for a company to dispose of your products securely, you need to ensure that these items will not end up back on the market.

We are able to offer a full destruction service for product recalls, dated stock, prototypes, counterfeit goods or contaminated items. Whilst Priority WEEE are able to offer this service for electronic items, our system company Priority Waste can offer a full across the board destruction service of any type of item even if it is of a hazardous nature.

Whether you have a small requirement to collate and dispose of household alkaline batteries or have much larger needs to dispose of industrial or large scale battery waste, we can assist.

Why use Priority WEEE?

  • Provision of tailor-made storage containers

  • Collections from anywhere around mainland UK

  • Full traceability

  • Legal Certification Provided

  • Total Destruction Services

  • Real time vehicle tracking

  • Free access to customer portal

  • 24/7 Access to your historic documentation

We pride ourselves with the responses of our knowledgeable and professional customer services team who are on hand at any time to discuss your requirements on the telephone, by chat or by email. Our response is fast and efficient and we are here to help.

Data devices that we will destroy:

  • IT Equipment

  • Electronic items

  • Gadgets

  • Fridges

  • Audio / Video

  • Dated Stock

  • Counterfeit Items

  • Prototypes

  • Redundant Items

  • Undelivered Items

  • Recalled Items

  • Confiscated Goods



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How do you destroy our items?

This is dependant on what the items are. The service can be shredding of equipment or manual dismantling followed by shredding or granulation

Will you still destroy the items even if in theory they can be re-used?

We will carry out the service request of our customer. If the item must be destroyed, and that is the agreement, then we will destroy it. There are multiple reasons for destruction, including brand protection so we ensure that your expectation is met with our services.

I have small products with batteries inside, do I need to remove the batteries first?

No, we can provide this service alongside the destruction, however, please bear in mind that items containing batteries cannot be simply thrown in to a shredder as there is risk of explosion, so they do need to be removed pre-treatment either by you or us.

My items are contaminated with hazardous chemicals, how can you help?

As one of the very few destruction companies, we have our own chemist at hand to assist in advising, arranging decontamination and providing chemical analysis reports to ensure the items are handled correctly and safely. We will guide you through and assist you all the way in disposing of any hazardous waste.

I need the items collecting as a matter of urgency – Can you help?

Where necessary, we may be able to carry out an emergency same-day collection or next day. This is subject to location and the urgency of disposals required by you.

How fast can you come to collect?

Our collection availability can range from 24 hours through to 7 days maximum subject to your requirements.

Can you provide containers for regular WEEE collections?

Yes, subject to your requirements, we can offer a wide variety of containers from 60 litre smaller boxes through to 1100 litre bins.

Can we store batteries outside?

Batteries can be stored outside as long as they are kept in a safe, UN approved container that is waterproof and sealed.

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