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Eco-friendly practices are becoming increasingly important for both businesses and consumers as we seek ways to better protect the environment. Unfortunately, tech disposal is lagging behind other environmental efforts as people do not realise how important proper disposal methods are for their old devices.

When disposing of old gadgets, it is crucial to consider the best methods to avoid environmental contamination and items ending up in landfill unnecessarily. 

In this article we will be sharing some of the best ways to bid farewell to your old devices in order to support a more sustainable approach to tech disposal.

Why is Proper Tech Disposal So Important?

Disposing of your tech devices in a sustainable manner is essential for protecting the environment and minimising negative environmental impacts. Disposing of these items correctly prevents harmful chemicals often found in phones and computers, such as mercury and lead, from contaminating the environment. 

Tech and IT recycling is also a great way to encourage reusability within the tech industry; teaching manufacturers to conserve valuable resources and make use of old components when building new devices. This reduces waste and is a great way to give back to a circular economy.

Sustainable Tech Disposal Strategies

There are numerous ways you can dispose of your old tech in a sustainable manner. Below we share some of the most popular disposal strategies to show you just how easy it is to sustainably bid farewell to your old tech.

Donating Your Old Devices

If your old device is still in good condition but you’ve upgraded or simply don’t need it anymore, it’s worth donating it to someone else. Many businesses donate their old computer suites to schools, for example. But for the individual at home you might consider passing on your old devices to family members, friends, or people in need. You might consider passing your old devices onto local charities where they will be going to a good cause. There are many ways to donate your old technologies and it’s worth considering instead of simply throwing them away.


If you have young children, you’ll understand how obsessed they are with technology (often, despite your best efforts!) If you haven’t considered this already, it’s worth thinking about how you might repurpose old or unwanted devices. 

Take your old TV remote, for example, you could easily remove the batteries and give the remote to your kids as a play accessory. It will be a huge hit. Old mobiles can also be reused for entertainment purposes and kids love playing Snake on old Nokia devices. So, you don’t need to throw away old tech if you don’t want to. There are so many opportunities to reuse devices and this is a great option for many people.

Return to Manufacturer

There are so many manufacturers now offering buy-back schemes where you can return your old devices and receive a voucher or money off your next purchase in return. This is a great incentive for sustainable tech disposal and an excellent way to support a circular economy and drive positive environmental change. If you’re not sure whether the manufacturer you purchased from offers a buy-back scheme, do a quick Google search or give them a ring. It’s always good to check before exploring other options.

Sell Your Old Devices

Many people getting rid of old electronics choose to sell them on. There are many companies that will pay a reasonable price for old iPhones, tablets, macs, and so much more. Alternatively, you might consider selling your old devices on Facebook Marketplace or Ebay. This is a great way to get rid of your old devices and make a bit of extra cash at the same time.

Responsible Disposal

If your old device is beyond repair, it’s time to take it to your local e-waste disposal depot. These can be found at most recycling centres and are a great way to ensure your old technologies will be disposed of safely and responsibly.

Discover More Great Tech Disposal Tips

If you’d like to learn more about sustainable tech disposal, visit our blog. We share tips from the experts to hopefully inspire you to make small but lasting changes in your everyday life that help protect our planet for generations to come.