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Outdated hardware or equipment that no longer works at the speeds and capacity desired means that productivity of your workforce can be reduced, at no fault of their own. Upgrading to newer or better equipment, or even just refurbishing what you already use to bring it back up to scratch, will ultimately make your business more efficient. 

Our e-recycling scheme allows you to get rid of your old equipment, seamlessly, quickly and easily, so you are not left bereft and are able to carry on as normal. We will arrange a time to suit you and your business, to enable as little disruption as possible and allow your business efficiency to continue without interruption. We can often collect within 24 hours of you first contacting us, if required, and from a location that works for you.

What does e-recycling involve?

Upgrading your systems and recycling your current IT equipment does not mean that it gets sent to landfill. Our dedicated IT Asset Management system means that your items can be broken down into parts and used to build other computers, repaired or refurbished and given back to you or sold on to allow other businesses or services, such as schools, to benefit from the second-hand equipment.

How can your business benefit?

If we manage to sell your refurbished equipment, we will offer you a share of the profits, which you can put towards buying your new hardware. We can even provide access to any historic documentation on your hardware so you are never left without something important; even after we have completely wiped and destroyed all data on the equipment itself, you can guarantee that your business can continue to run as normal.

Additional extras we offer

We can provide a free waste audit along with an itemised inventory so you know which items can be recycled and which service you require before committing to any decisions. Our online vehicle tracking means you are left in no doubt as to when we will be arriving to collect your items, as well as where they are taken on their onward journey. We have all the relevant waste licences and operate within all recycling and waste disposal laws.

Final thoughts

Efficiency doesn’t necessarily just mean productivity. Upgraded hardware can also allow you to install different software systems which will make your business more streamlined. 

By using our e-recycling service, you don’t need to concern yourself with the logistics of how and where to recycle your equipment. Just leave it to us, the experts, and we will do everything for you, so you can carry on doing what you do best.

Because we do all the work for you, your business’ efficiency isn’t compromised and you aren’t left with dead time that stops you from doing what you need to do, when you need to do it.