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If you’ve made the smart decision to trust us with the disposal of your IT equipment, do you actually know what happens to it next? And, can you be sure that no sensitive information contained on the devices will find their way to the public domain? Well, the short answer is absolutely categorically YES, you can. But, what does the process involve and why are we the right people for the job?


We will liaise with you as to what equipment you have, and can sometimes offer free collection for large numbers of items that are still in working condition. If required, we can arrange a free site visit in advance to audit your waste items, or to work out the logistics of collection. 

There is almost always a way for us to dispose of your items carefully through our IT asset management service, and with the minimum disruption to your business, working to your proposed schedule and often within 24 hours of you first contacting us.

Data destruction

Once we bring your items back to our site, we will destroy all the data that is on any of the equipment, including hard drives and sim cards. Not only do we wipe it, but we physically shred the hard drives themselves, so there can be no way any information is leaked. 

We ensure we are GDPR compliant at all times, and security risks are totally eliminated. Sim cards are also shredded and phones and tablets are then reset to factory default settings.

If you do require any of your historic documentation, we can keep this on our secure servers and allow you access to it 24/7.


We prefer to take items that are still in working order, but sometimes we may be prepared to take faulty items, depending on how easy and cost-effective they are to repair. This would be reflected in our costs to you. We will check the equipment to work out what the fault is and whether it is worth repairing, before agreeing to remove it. 

If we do decide the repair is worth doing, we will take the item away to repair it. We can then either return the item to you, or sell it on to someone else.


One of our aims is to recycle items by refurbishing them and moving them on to users who may not require the high level of IT equipment often used for business purposes. This makes for a sustainable and cheaper way of providing equipment, and keeps it out of landfill for longer.

Alternatively, for high-end or high-value equipment that is no longer required, we can offer it for sale through brokers or auction sites and arrange a profit-share. If you’d like to know, we can also provide tracking details of where the equipment has gone to. We completely manage all of the logistics, taking away the associated pain points of sustainably disposing of your electrical goods – leaving you to get on with business.

Final thoughts

Our hassle-free IT asset management service offers end-to-end administration of the process of IT waste disposal. We will work with you to arrange collections at a time that suits, and keep you informed every step of the way.