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Moving house is supposed to be one of the most stressful things you do in your life, so let us help take some of the stress out of the process, by recycling IT equipment you no longer need. We can come to collect it from you and take it away immediately leaving you to get on with packing items you actually do want to take.

There is no point moving electrical hardware from one house to another, just for it to sit in a corner and not get used again. Our IT recycling service will ensure it doesn’t get sent to landfill and saves you a trip to the local tip to get rid of it yourself.

What can we recycle in your home?

Nowadays, most houses have some form of computer or laptop, and a mobile phone, as a bare minimum. Many will also have printers – often with in-built scanners and photocopiers – and perhaps even old modems or landline telephones that are no longer used.

We can also take away cables, keyboards, mice and extra screens and monitors and dispose of them too, easily reducing the extra clutter that is likely adding to your packing misery.

What happens to your unwanted equipment?

Once we have removed your recyclable IT equipment, we will remove all data from it, as standard, shredding hard drives and sim cards and making sure nothing can be traced back to you and that no documentation is left anywhere.

If we can refurbish the items and sell them on, either whole or in parts, we will do so – thereby ensuring that other people can benefit from your equipment and reducing the need for more hardware to be manufactured, increasing emissions and carbon footprints. If we can’t reuse the items, we will ensure that it is sent for incineration to a plant that creates renewable energy from the process.

Is it safe to recycle IT hardware?

IT hardware can be hazardous waste, so it is important that you choose to dispose of it safely. By getting us to do it for you, we can test the items to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and other potentially hazardous chemicals. Our IT waste streams are designed to maintain the correct levels of safety throughout the process.

If we decide to refurbish and reuse items, we use similar methods to ensure the safety of all items, and our employees, so you can be sure that nothing you have given us will directly or indirectly harm the workforce or the planet.

Final thoughts

You have enough to think about when moving house than what you can do to make sure you remain sustainable. Using recyclable cardboard boxes and old newspaper for wrapping valuables, rather than a plastic bubble wrap, making as few journeys as possible and using low-emission vehicles can all help. But, you can rely on us to approach your IT recycling with sustainability in mind, so that is one thing that can be taken off your own mind. Call us today to see how we can help remove the strain.