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Zero waste is the term used to describe when something is discarded but no part of it is sent to landfill. Ideally, this would involve what is called the ‘circular economy’, meaning that everything is reused and recycled, so that waste in the form of rubbish does not exist.

Currently, we live in a disposable society, so most people choose to throw things away – particularly electrical items – and buy new, rather than seeing if they can be fixed or refurbished and sold on. 

But, this is where we can come in, with our IT recycling service. IT waste can often be hazardous, so it makes sense to get a professional in to sort it, especially if you are hoping to get rid of several items of equipment safely and sustainably.

What can we recycle?

Almost anything! We can take away computers, monitors, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, printers, photocopiers and much more besides. If it is electrical and you no longer have use for it – fax machine gathering dust in the corner, perhaps – then we can come to collect it and either refurbish it and sell it on, or recycle the parts. 

We can come to your office or warehouse and take a look at what you have, providing you with a free no-obligation audit, and will decide what can be reused as an asset and what needs to join the waste stream.

What happens to your old equipment?

You can be assured that all hard drives are physically shredded, meaning that no data can be retrieved at any stage of the process. If there are items you do want to historically archive, we can do that for you and give you 24/7 access. But, there will be nothing left on your hardware to fall into the wrong hands, and we are fully GDPR compliant.

Aiming for zero waste

We try to avoid sending anything to landfill, if we can, but anything we do need to incinerate is done at a plant that produces renewable energy, so we are still giving back to the planet. 

However, by refurbishing items that can be reused, or recycling any of the parts, our zero-waste mission is amplified. Not only are we making use of old equipment, but we are also preventing the need for new equipment to be made, and the pollutants that are involved in the manufacturing process.

Final thoughts

The mantra for zero waste is ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, in order of importance. By reducing the number of newly-manufactured items, the carbon footprint is lessened and emissions are decreased. Instead of replacing all your old IT equipment, see if you can manage with fewer items, or are happy to reuse items we can have refurbished for you. 

Recycling is the last step in the process, so if you want to explore this option, give us a call today and see how we can help you achieve zero waste with your old electricals using our IT recycling service.