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You may be surprised by how many electronic items are able to be recycled safely, without being automatically sent to landfill. We all know the companies who will take your mobile phones and tablets, but here at Priority WEEE, we offer a much more in-depth service that can take care of almost all electronic devices you can think of.

IT equipment recycling

Our most popular division is our IT recycling service, with offices all over the country contacting us to remove excess equipment that is no longer required or fit for purpose, as they replace and upgrade their systems to something more efficient. 

This isn’t just about laptops, screens and IT processors, either; we can also recycle printers, photocopiers, modems, servers…you name it, we can probably recycle it for you.

Household equipment

Our services don’t just extend to business and office equipment, we can also recycle domestic items too, such as fridges, freezers and vacuum cleaners. Our fridge recycling offers a decontamination service, if required, to get rid of any old food, mould and nasty odours. All refrigerated units need decontaminating before they can be recycled. This applies to everything from small chiller units to large industrial laboratory fridges.

Even some of the things you probably don’t even think about can be recycled, including power tools and smoke detectors. Our mixed WEEE recycling service is available to anyone and can be done on a regular basis or just a one-off or ad-hoc occasion.

Batteries and bulbs

Everyone is aware that disposing of batteries can be a dangerous business, so let us take them for you. Ranging from general household batteries to lithium ion and lead acid, our battery recycling service will provide you with suitable containers to safely store your batteries until you are ready to have them collected.

Whether you are looking to get rid of fluorescent tubes, halogen lamps, vehicle lamps or even streetlights, we can help. We use UN approved containers in our lamp recycling service and will load and remove your lamps and bulbs at your desired schedule and location.

Hazardous waste

A lot of electronic equipment contains nasty chemicals and pollutants, which is why they can’t just be thrown away with your general waste. By taking advantage of any of our services, you can be sure that everything we remove will be disposed of safely and with all the necessary precautions in place. We are fully certified and have all the relevant licences and paperwork to back up everything we do.

Final thoughts

Most of our WEEE recycling services can be arranged within 24 hours, and we can come on a day and time to suit you, minimising the disruption to your business. We will even offer a free survey to allow us to examine your equipment on site and give you a full breakdown of what we can take away. Contact us today to find out how we can help you dispose of all your unwanted electronics.