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As technology improves, so does our desire to keep up with it. That means that organisations are often left with equipment that is no longer required and is taking up space. Here at Priority WEEE, we can dispose of that equipment quickly and easily, on a day and time to suit you.

If you have a lot of redundant technology, we will come round to your premises and do a full site audit and let you know what we can remove and whether we will be able to resell it – therefore potentially making you some money – or recycle it.

Safety and security

One of the big issues with getting rid of electrical items is that they are often full of hazardous chemicals and cannot be just thrown away. You can be assured that if we take away your equipment using our IT asset management service that it will be disposed of safely and securely, without adding to landfill.

All our personnel are security vetted, and you will be provided with real time vehicle tracking, so you know that we aren’t leaving your business and fly tipping the items. You can keep an eye on where we are from start to finish.

Data destruction

It may well be that you have sensitive data on some of the equipment you want removing. We will ensure that all data is completely wiped and hard drives are destroyed, so that you are fully GDPR compliant and there is no way that any of this information can be leaked. 

We can even provide a certificate of data destruction, for your own peace of mind and that of your clients.

Continued access

If you still need access to files and information, we will give you 24/7 access to your historic documentation and our free customer portal allows you to login whenever and wherever you need to. 

Reselling or recycling

If you are replacing your equipment with newer items that work better with updated software and will increase your business productivity, you may need to raise some funds to help with these purchases. By allowing us to reach out to our contacts of brokers and auction houses to get the best price for your old items, you may be surprised by how much you can make – just on items that you no longer need.

If we are unable to sell certain items, we will recycle them either by using parts to refurbish other items or by disposing of them in a secure and eco-friendly manner. We will give you an itemised inventory, if required, so you can see exactly what has happened with each item.

Final thoughts

If you aren’t sure what you are able to have removed by us, get in contact today and arrange for a free waste assessment from one of our operatives who will be able to determine what can and can’t be removed. More often than not, we will be able to get rid of more than you expect. 

We can even offer next day collections if you need it gone quickly. You don’t even have to round it all up – we will come and remove it from wherever it is. It’s all part of the service.